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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
I haven't! That sounds like a good idea.

I see that Oasisse and Aridio show a "slim" survival chance, which seems to be the minimum. Aridio says it has abundant resources and it's mostly temperature that's the problem. I feel like I've solved the heat problem, so maybe that's not so much a challenge for me now. I think I'll try Oasisse, then.

I guess I could crank up the other difficulty settings as well, but I think I'll leave them be for now. The care packages in particular I want to leave on. Not so much for the resources, but for the critters and seeds. I don't like finding that I can't farm/ranch something because I got unlucky and all the critters of some type died out.
Yeah, exactly. Somethings are world locked too. This gives you some possibility to get them.

I'm very interested to hear about your experience on Oasisse.

I'm still playing on Ocania. I think my next game will be the forest world (Verdenta I think?).