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I think you’re underestimating Belichick. You don’t have 16 seasons in a row of 10+ wins (even in the weakest division) if people are just intimidated by your reputation. He analyzes teams and is a genius at developing a style of play to beat that team. Most teams have a style they stick to; heavy passing, heavy running, blitz a lot, use trick plays, man/zone coverage, and so on. The Patriots don’t, they change every week to become the team that will beat you. That means they often don’t look like a great team. They look bland because they don’t have some cool thing that wows you every game. They are like putty that is reshaped constantly. Putty is boring and unimpressive. New England just wins. Brady seems to execute those plans well, also, so he deserves some credit. He’s a big part of why they’ve been so good for so long even if his stats aren’t always beating the other QBs. Like Belichick, he just wins.

The last Super Bowl was a perfect example. They had a game plan that was invented to beat LA on offense and defense. They forced Goff to improvise and think and make decisions, and gambled on him being a so-so QB who follows good schemes and can’t save a play on his own, and it worked. They restricted them to 3 points. They looked weak doing it, and in my eyes it was a lousy, dull game. But they won and won solidly. That’s what the Patriots do.

I think one reason why they aren’t a popular team is because they aren’t that exciting outside of winning a lot. If you are a fan of the team you have to love having your wagon hitched to a constant winner. But if you’re not, you tend to not have much reason to enjoy their games. Generally the other team in any given game is more fun and you want to see them win instead.

...Plus, odds are they probably beat your team some time in the recent past and you might resent them for that, since they win so much. As a Seahawks fan I doubt it’s hard to guess why I have a tinge of resentment toward them.