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Originally Posted by XT View Post
To me, the 'inherent problem with 2nd Amendment debates' is the lack of understanding of even the basics of the history that is so often evident by people engaging in them. That and the level of disingenuity and dishonesty by many in these threads. Plus, the fact that this ground has been covered so many times. Basically, as a counter point to the OP, the folks who really don't care about the history or the context that the 2nd was written in, yet want to argue for their own interpretation of what the thing says based solely on their (modern) reading of the text...slanted in the way they want, of course, to say what they want it to say. To me, that is the height of the ignorance this board is SUPPOSED to be about fighting, but really isn't, especially on this particular subject.
QFT. I often reflect back to when I started debating gun rights vs gun control back in 1993 on USENET in talk.politics.guns. Back then the law was on the gun control side and it was a challenge arguing the individual right interpretation.

But back then we really had debate, honest to goodness reasoned, supported debate.

It was glorious and tons of fun.

Now, people just know gunz R bad and nothing can change that.