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Originally Posted by E-DUB View Post
What is called "The Deep State" is simply career government employees doing their jobs, in many case for far less than people with their talents could earn in private sector. These folks aren't about red or blue, they're about red, white, and blue.
First, it's a myth that most government employees could make more in the private sector. Show me the high science teacher that went to a pharmaceutical company or other high tech company seamlessly.

Government employees are overcompensated to gain their fervent loyalty to the Deep State. Talk with any government employee and within ten minutes they bring up their precious pensions and how valuable they think they are to society.

Look at Lois Lerner who is retired with a 200,000 dollars a year pension. She should be in jail for obstruction of justice, but she was protected by the Deep State because she was a loyal foot soldier.