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So, we tried to clean the fridge. But it had a drip tray under the freezer that wasn't user accessible. We spent a long time undoing all the fasteners and trying to pry it up with scrapers, and it just wasn't designed to open.

The panel at the back was spot-welded in place.

So we bought a new fridge. Only, when I measured the space, I neglected to measure the width of the DOORWAYS. The new fridge couldn't be moved into the basement. With its doors off, it was half an inch wider than the doorway.

So the delivery guys helpfully moved the kitchen fridge to the basement, and the new fridge to the kitchen.

The damn thing is stainless steel. It would have cost $200 more to get it in "white", and I figured, it's in the basement, who cares?


I see hundreds of products on the market to use a magnetic film to make your white fridge look like it's stainless steel. Are there any products to cover a frigging stainless steel appliance with a friendlier surface? Like a curved whiteboard we can write on, or a sheet of metal we can stick magnets to? Ideally a surface that doesn't instantly cover with finger prints. Why the hell is stainless so popular, anyway? I should probably start a pit thread.

But, back to my question...

Where will I put the grocery list or the coupons or the Christmas cards?

Yeah, it would have completely been worth $200 bucks to me if I'd realized I would be putting this puppy in the kitchen.

Can I make this thing magnetic? Please?

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