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I did a bit of experimentation in sandbox mode--and I've been overbuilding my cooling setups.

Two unnecessary bits: the tempshift plates and the petroleum bath. The tempshift plates spread the heat out a bit, but really there's not much point to them. As for the petroleum bath, "common knowledge" was that gases aren't sufficient cooling for aquatuners, but it turns out that high pressure steam is just fine. It has the same heat capacity as water and a decent thermal conductivity. The aquatuner stays just a degree or two hotter than the steam.

I did run into one curiosity. I tried making my steambox smaller, to 5x2 tiles. This meant the aquatuner was right under the turbine inputs. It worked fine, in the sense that the aquatuner ran at full speed. But somehow the steam never got very hot and the turbine never went full blast. At the same time, the aquatuner was going full blast, so it was constantly taking 900-1000 W, even though it should have been more like 100 W net.

Somehow, the geometry caused it to permanently delete heat, without even going generating power. I suppose this is good for cooling purposes, but it kinda sucked because it turned into such a power hog.

So, I think I'll stick with a 5x3 setup, even though it doesn't seem like it should be necessary.

One other finding--pumping down to vacuum is in fact a good idea. Sufficiently large traces of O2 do interfere with the turbine. So the gas pump is necessary; fortunately, it's also cheap.