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OP didn't say if his in-laws were Thai, but that superstition sounds familiar. I know babies here aren't supposed to smell flowers. To admire a baby you call it "ugly" not "cute."

Tokay geckos are lucky if they sing out "tokay" seven or more times in a row, or if they live inside your house. We have both, but the inside tokays are smart enough not to attract attention by croaking "tokay." I can't even begin to keep track of all the superstitions (are dog litters lucky when even in number, and cats odd? Or is it vice versa?); fortunately foreigners are often exempt.

One superstition easy to remmeber is: At a funeral you must pick up the incense sticks with your own hand, don't let anyone hand them to you. If, at a funeral you receive the incense sticks from the hand of another that means: You're next! (On more than one occasion I've explained this to a fellow foreigner and watched their jaw drop open -- their wife had been handing them the incense sticks!)