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Originally Posted by md2000 View Post
Yes, the only difference between a TV and a monitor is the one has a tuner to get over-the-air. Since analog disappeared, that's less of an issue. Fancier TV's used to have a "cable TV in" to allow you to get the basic channel set (and sometimes, higher channels) direct from the Coax cable - but then along came pay-to-view, cable bundles, etc. and a separate box is needed to do all that work of filtering and decoding cable signals. So again - the main role of a screen nowadays is to be a screen and let some other box be the decoder or whatever to convert cable, streaming internet, discs, etc. to a simple video signal. Add to that if you want DVR, then something else has to do the same job for the recorder... so a built-in tuner on the screen is redundant mostly unnecessary.
TVs have built in audio and remote control which most monitors lack. There may be some differences in the inputs, too. For example, you couldn't plug a Nintendo NES into a monitor without some converters.