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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
So, then you seem to agree with me. "1. Bringing Bricker into this is not best practices. This is a mod note to not do anything similar in the future." There was nothing wrong with mentioning Bricker in this context. In no way was this a shot at Bricker.

Jonathan has not made a new rule that you cant mention another poster until they actually post in that specific thread. Correct? This mod note then is rescinded, I will assume.
My personal rule is that when a poster starts a response with "so" and then follows with some conclusion or interpretation it's almost always not an accurate summation. I don't know what I would name this rule, but there's got to be something clever sounding. "Bone's 'so I'm wrong' rule"?

Suffice to say I do not agree with you. As I stated, bring up Bricker in that thread where he had not previously been a participant was at best neutral and I am in agreement with the sentiment as I stated in my first post to this thread. It could easily be interpreted as taking a shot at Bricker, or perhaps some kind of stalking. There just isn't much reason to bring him up specifically that doesn't conjure up some petty snipe. It may not have been your intention, but then it makes me question what was the intention? Rather than try to suss out motivations, a direction to avoid bringing up non-participants in a way that can be interpreted as a shot at them seems appropriate, hence the note.

As I stated upthread, and will reiterate, if someone hasn't participated in the thread to that point, mentioning another poster is by itself okay - it's only the act of taking a shot at that non-participant that would be not okay. Granted, the restriction against personal insults is always in play outside of the Pit, however I would judge more critically if the shot was at a non-participant. So what may be borderline in a back and forth exchange, bringing up another poster sans their prior participation will be examined more critically. Let me know if that's unclear.