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So, how is it that this is about you? If you are a reasonable sort of person who owns a gun, does that mean the stereotypical "gun nut" doesn't exist? Because you are not subject to any twisted and atavistic feelings about weapons, that means nobody is?

And this:

...the reason they objected to the research by the CDC is because they thought it was biased and treated guns like a disease....
That makes sense to you? You see a legitimate complaint there, someone's dignity is offended? Being insulted by being compared to cholera or smallpox? Because what, the CDC study method is named "epidemiology"? I can believe somebody is dumb enough to buy that, just can't believe its you.

Of all the lame ass insinuations of bias I have ever heard, that one takes the cake. Now, if you looks me right in the monitor with a straight face and tell me that makes sense to you, I'll probably believe that you do. But it will be quite a stretch.