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Originally Posted by kambuckta View Post
Oh, and by the way, it's better to actually contribute to the MESSAGEBOARD before posting pics.
He/she did. I see two posts in other threads before their first one here.

Originally Posted by C. Blackwood View Post
I sent the pic to the email I thought I saw in the original post. I'll try agian, if that's okay.
Arnold is no longer responding to emails/maintaining the photo gallery: you need to host the photo yourself, then post a link here. I can understand not wanting to read through all 23 pages of this thread, but if you'd skipped ahead to last page or two you would have figured that out. IMO, a good rule of thumb for long threads is that you should read at least the first and last pages (so you know how it started and what the current status of things is).

And while kambuckta is right that your posts are more important than your looks, there's certainly no rule about waiting to share a picture!

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