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Originally Posted by Roderick Femm View Post
That's true. What IS pre-selected is the most expensive shipping option, which is usually for 2-day shipping that costs more than the item.
I have never seen this happen. In my experience, the pre-selected option is "Standard Shipping," which isn't free, but takes about a week. Usually there are also expensive two-day and one-day options offered, but I have NEVER seen those pre-selected. I just tested this a few times by adding various items to the cart and clicking through to the shipping options.

Originally Posted by Roderick Femm View Post
As someone noted, maybe in another thread (I haven't tried this myself, having fortunately never accidentally or on purpose chosen to try Prime) you can't actually cancel Prime online until something like a day or two before you start getting billed for it.
That is definitely not true. You can cancel Prime online anytime after you sign up—immediately afterward, if you want. If you've signed up for a 30-day free trial, then you still get your full 30 days even if you've cancelled. If your credit card has been billed, you can get an immediate cancellation with a full refund provided you haven't used the free-shipping benefit since the billing.

I know this because I've done it. I've had several free trials of Prime, and cancelled all of them weeks before the billing date. In one case I actually paid for a Prime membership in a moment of weakness; I cancelled it the next day and got a full refund.

I don't want to sound like an Amazon apologist, but some of the stuff in this thread is loopy.