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Originally Posted by blob View Post
Where is the information about paid subscriptions, i don't have any 'subscribe" button on my menus, is it only for Americans?
Not at all; it's available to everyone.

To access, please click on the "UserCP" hyperlink in the blue band at the top of every SDMB page. Then click on "Paid Subscriptions" in the list on the left hand side.

Click on the subscription you like/qualify for. Only current Charter Members can renew their subscriptions at Charter Member rates. "Member" is the subscription category for everyone else.

Friend of Cecil is a one time donation device; I am currently working on ways to reward people for making such a donation, it's a work in progress.

Choose your category accordingly and follow the prompts.

You will be asked in big links if you want to use your PayPal account to pay for this transaction. You may do that if you like.

You will be asked in a tiny bit of hard to find text if you want to use your credit card to pay for this transaction. You can do that if you prefer.

Click on the link of your choice. Follow the prompts.

(NOTE: It may be confusing to some folks as the processing mechanism is through the PayPal network. But that does not mean you can't use your credit card if you prefer, though of course you will be encouraged to use a PayPal account.)

Hope this helps.