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Three Identical Strangers (documentary)

Has anyone else seen this? I watched the DVD, which I got from the library, last night. It's a CNN film, and when and if they show this, I do highly recommend watching it if you don't see it through other channels. It also has a commentary track, to which I plan to listen before I have to return it.

I was in high school when the story broke about two young men who were adopted at birth found out they were identical twins, and when their story was written up in the newspaper, discovered that they were actually triplets. (There were rumors that there was a quadruplet out there, but this was not true and isn't in the movie.) I did not know that they were part of a study on multiples who were separated and adopted by different families, and that this was done deliberately for the purpose of a nature/nurture study, nor, for that matter, did they or their parents; the parents just thought the scientists came to their house and examined their kids as part of a general study on adoption.

Robert, David, and Edward went on to open a restaurant, and all married and had at least one child, but sadly, Edward is not in the film because he died by suicide in 1995.

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