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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
Well, it takes enormous political will to fix OR the decision of five or more people on the supreme court.
The Supreme Court is (supposedly) loathe to take up what they deem "political questions". In other words, meddling in how government operates.

In 1962 the court heard a case, Baker v. Carr, regarding redistricting in Tennessee.

The case, literally, destroyed two Supreme Court justices. One quit having been mentally shattered by the case and one had a severe stroke that ended his career.

"When Chief Justice Earl Warren was asked at the end of his career, “What was the most important case of your tenure?”, there were a lot of answers he could have given. After all, he had presided over some of the most important decisions in the court’s history — cases that dealt with segregation in schools, the right to an attorney, the right to remain silent, just to name a few. But his answer was a surprise: He said, “Baker v. Carr,” a 1962 redistricting case." - The Political Thicket
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