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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Yeah! The thing that precludes that is that transitioning sucks, transphobia sucks, everyone knows it, dysphoria sucks, and nobody would willingly go through that shit without a good goddamn reason!
You certainly don't need to transition to claim to be a woman, so that's not a problem. There's a slight possibility that you might briefly face transphobia, depending on the circumstances and what you have to make your claim known, maybe. If you're falsely claiming to be a woman, obviously there's no dysphoria involved. So, there's no shit to run through.

If you had paid any attention to what I was writing instead of typing huge red letters in furor, you might have noticed that I wrote the following :

And the easiest it is to make such a claim, the most likely it is that such a thing will happen. If for instance the only requirement to enlist in a tennis competition with a big monetary prize is to state "I self-identify as a woman", the likelihood of such a thing happening is rather high IMO.
Note the clear lack of transition and dysphoria in this scenario. The requirement being only a statement that you identify as a woman. We're discussing an article where a woman expresses concern about a situation where transpeople are in a protected class and their self-identification cannot be disputed.

In other words, a situation where if anybody says "I'm a woman" you have to accept this person as a woman for all intents and purposes. For instance in one of her examples, if a person with male genitalia undress in front of underage girls in a locker room, this person just need to state "I identify as a woman" to avoid any further problem. Or in my example, in a women tennis competition with a big prize, a player who simply check the "woman" line has to be allowed to compete, no question asked. Same for women scholarships, etc...

Again, if you think people are just pretending to be trans for external reasons, and those reasons aren't "the government will kill me if I don't", you have no fucking clue what you're talking about and probably personally know approximately less than zero actual trans people.The idea is so utterly foreign to anyone who has even looked into this shit that it's not worth taking seriously.
By definition, someone pretending to be a trans won't be one. So, any knowledge you might have about transpeople won't apply to them and is mostly irrelevant. In my example, the only knowledge I need is that people will do quite a lot of things for money if they can get away with it.

And to answer your non question, no, I don't know transpeople. I'm vaguely in contact with one because we share a common interest, and I knew a couple of them in my younger years, long ago, but I never talked with them about trans issues.

Seriously. Let me put this in terms anyone can understand.

If you say that cismen will transition for spurious reasons, you have failed gender 101 and should spend time speaking to trans people before you return to the discussion.
I never mentioned people who transition, I mentioned people who state "I identify as a woman" . Maybe you should read what I write before jumping on your big red letters.
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