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Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post
That's why umpires decide such things. They "know".
Yup, the umpires get the big bucks because they can make decisions like that by observing. In the same way that a ball touching the ground during a catch in football is fine as long as the receiver maintains control, a shortstop can establish full control over the ball while it is touching the ground.

Here's a discussion from another forum that spells it out in more detail -

The determination for out or safe in your situation is whether the umpire feels the defensive player has control of the baseball in his bare hand, or, not.

The ball can be on the ground, the player does not have to bring the ball up and show possession, for it to be deemed "in control".

This is one of the many rule situations which become purely a judgement call on the part of the umpire in real time.

Have to see it happen to say whether the call was correct at the time or not, control of the baseball is the decider.