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I find a lot of those fun to watch, although, yes, for some of them I do wonder if they're just playing to the cameras. Even if it's sometimes a bit of a put-on, it can have its pleasures. (The young lady talking about her nipples being aroused by Leonard Cohen's voice .... ahem.)

I do prefer it when the speaker has more to say. Fil from Wings of Pegasus might be a little bit older than some of these other vloggers, but he's an experienced musician and music teacher and his appreciation comes with a degree of knowledge that can be informative. He calls his videos "analysis" rather than just "reaction."

Glen Campbell and Roy Clark "Ghost Riders in the Sky" (With his English accent, it took me a bit to translate "deaverish" as "diva-ish" )

Glen Campbell playing the "William Tell Overture"

Roy Clark playing "Malaguena" on an episode of "The Odd Couple"

Glen Campbell on a TNN country music special
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