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Originally Posted by Jim B. View Post
I actually have been hearing quite a bit about this subject, what Jesus would do concerning gays, if he were around today. It is hard to provide cites (much of it is on TV--like Real Time with Bill Maher just tonight). But I just tell you straightforward what I have heard.

Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Actually, the strange divisions we now have in sexuality is rather a new thing (I heard on the History Channel, a while ago). But he never mentioned what we would call gay sex acts, in any event.

Also, Jesus was very non-conventional. He said things no one ever said before (like love those who hurt you, instead of 'an eye for an eye' like people thought at the time). If he were around today, he might even endorse gay marriage. Why not?
You are correct. Jesus never talked about homosexuality.

Jesus was all about forgiveness, and The Other Waldo Pepper got it right when he said:
Upon seeing that a guy was about to hurl a rock at a gay personís head, Jesus would presumably tell said guy not to hurl said rock;

However, Paul and the OT, dating back several thousand years did mention gay sex as a sin (altho Paul listed it as a sin along the lines of adultery, drunkenness, and so forth, in others words, not that bad).

But it's not just Judeo-Christianity, the Muslim faith, the Hindu faith and most other old school religions are not tolerant of gay sex. Back in the past, you needed babies and families to raise those babies- so gay sex, adultery and fornication were no-nos.