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Originally Posted by FriarTed View Post
Ever hear of the Jerusalem Council of the Apostles?
The distinctions between the Ceremonial & the Moral Laws of Torah?
What applies strictly to the nation Israel & what applies universally to all humanity?

I do give you credit for going beyond the "what about eating pork & shellfish & wearing mixed fabrics, huh?" that I usually see in these discussions.

However, check out this elaborately produced & scholarly deep cartoon.

When that rather silly lecture hit the point of claiming that the entire point of Judaism was to produce Jesus, I quit watching.

Before I got there, however, I noted that the producer of that particular video put all of the Ten Commandments into Moral Law. Keeping the Sabbath is in the Ten Commandments.

More broadly: yes, I am aware that at various points groups of people got together, declared themselves authorities, and decided which of the rules in the bible they thought ought to apply to themselves; not to mention which scriptures they thought belong in the bible in the first place; and that they came up with various justifications for these decisions. I just don't think that the fact that people a long time ago decided to pick and choose certain passages and certain entire books to ignore means that people now aren't doing the same thing.