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Originally Posted by MaxTheVool View Post
My feeling is that it's not ethical, but I think it's a complicated enough issue that they really should have explained WHY it was not ethical, rather than just kind of taking it for granted. I mean, sure, it feels kind of ooky, but "feels kind of ooky" isn't recognized by any major code of medical or scientific ethics.
I agree with this. The ethical question was murky enough that towards the end of the documentary i stopped caring (i actually think i shut it off about 85% through the movie* - and i was even watching it on a airplane). Would i have liked the brothers to be informed about their brothers earlier and disclose to them that they were unknowingly part of a psychology study? Yeah... probably... i guess... shrug. But the film presented it like we should all be rioting in the streets because of this grave injustice.

*and i'm notoriously easy to please. i've sat through some bad documentaries to the end and even moderately enjoyed them.