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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
This implies that Trump has guile. Trump is guileless. And too stupid to know the meaning of the word.
I wish people would stop saying things like this. Underestimate your adversary at your own peril. Trump seems to be a narcissist, a bully, an authoritarian, a vulgarian. He is indecisive, a waffler, highly reactive and thin-skinned and no, I don't think he is a deep thinker or particularly well-educated on...well...most things.

But Trump is also con-man and a swindler of a businessman and you don't succeed at those things unless you have some guile. If he lacks anything, it is probably not that. Native cleverness, animal cunning, the ability to read a room - whatever you want to call it, Trump has that. He is also not an idiot. Brilliant? Hardly. A drooling moron? Not that, either. He's probably of average or a bit above average intelligence, with many, many blind spots but also some native ability as above.

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