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On Pro Football Weekly's penultimate show of the season they focused on soon-to-be-available free agents and on talent coming out in the draft. Hub Arkush said that he's never seen so much overall quarterback talent available in free agency as he sees this year but when I saw the list the only quarterback I saw that I'd be at least somewhat excited about if I were a G.M. or a head coach is Teddy Bridgewater. To me all the other veteran free agent QBs are either marginal talents (guys like Marcus Mariota) or are WELL past their prime (e.g. Philip Rivers and Tom Brady). I've read that the Rayyyy-daaaahhhhs are looking at bringing Tom Brady back to California but I really don't think that would be a good move on their part. As for Philip Rivers, last I heard rumors are that he might be going to Tampa Bay but from what I've read he's definitely done in San Diego. . .uh, I mean - Los Angeles.

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