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Originally Posted by Tim R. Mortiss View Post
We still watch a lot of movies on DVD. Not ones that we own, though; we rent them through Red Box*. You get movies that have just left the theater, unedited and uninterrupted. Unfortunately, there are usually no "extras" like commentary and special features, and there is no chance to get a movie older than a few months. Still, it keeps our DVD player working. Never did buy a Blu-Ray player.

* in case they don't have them by you, these are big red vending machines outside supermarkets and 7-Eleven stores containing DVDs of recent movies, and games. You can walk up and browse them like a candy vending machine, or you can reserve movies through their app.
And they’re almost free. I get so many promo codes from them. I assume they make their money from the old video store model of people keeping the film for multiple days. I live across the street from a Redbox so I often get a movie there and have it returned same day.
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