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I'd like to see all the old QBs just retire. Kind of sick of all of them, but especially Brady. (Brees, Rivers, Big Ben, even Rodgers maybe after a farewell season.)

Originally Posted by racepug View Post
A while back someone on this board mentioned that Sunday night, not Monday night, currently features the premier game of the week in the N.F.L. Apparently others agree:
I love the idea of flexing MNF, but yeah, that would suck for ticket holders to get flexed from 1pm Sunday to 8:20pm Monday night (11:20pm West coast!) with only two weeks notice. People have jobs.

From that article:
ESPN is reportedly sweetening the pot for its ask by offering to take “Monday Night Football” off of cable and back on the ABC airwaves if it gets flex scheduling in return.
If I'm reading this right, the pot was sweetened by offering to air the ESPN broadcast on ABC instead of ESPN. (ESPN commentators calling the game, etc...) My guess is they'd simulcast it on both channels, but maybe not.

Either way, I also love the idea of putting MNF back on free tv.