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Where I live, most of the houses covered under this will have to have approval for things done to the exterior, and a couple of friends have found it such a tremendous hassle that they finally declined to make any changes. For example one friend wanted to add another story (and this was being done a lot in her neighborhood, which may be what prompted the zoning change to make it a historical neighborhood). She submitted plan after plan. One wouldn't work because it changed the footprint. The next one wouldn't work because while it adhered to the footprint it changed the topline. Each one of the changes was drawn up by someone charging money, and then it took months to get the rejection. In one case her architect followed the guidelines given for rejecting it, and then next version came back with a whole new set of rejections that didn't correspond at all to the previous ones.

Just for example. (And the weird thing was this house was not particularly spectacular and was built in 1949, among a lot of houses that were, in fact, older, in addition to being much modified from their original looks.)

So it's worth checking out, but you ought to be able to see what's required when you get a home inspection done.