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Yes, he seems to be getting worse. The Wolf book has his inner circle, especially Bannon, saying he is a clueless idiot on the record. He tried to refute the book saying he is a "stable genius."

Yesterday he had a televised meeting with members of Congress to demonstrate that he is on top of things. During the meeting it becomes clear he doesn't understand what a "clean bill" is. Says he will sign anything both side to agree to, and contradicts himself several times. The meeting demonstrates he is a clueless idiot.

Today he started off the morning tweeting against a surveillance bill his administration is for. He claimed to the WSJ that he has a relationship with Kim Jong Il. And finally bashed "shithole countries."

He is careening from self-created disaster to disaster. If they took away his Twitter and kept him scripted via teleprompters he could stabilize things. But his staff have no control over him. This will not end well.