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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
I dunno - I had just recently reached a different conclusion, that things had assumed a new low - a new normal. The book was a big buzz for a week, but what did it really do to move the needle for anyone? Couldn't make me think any less of him (and just makes the state of our country's governance even MORE depressing.) And isn't going to affect the opinions of the true faithful.

Yeah, his self-clutching is odd - and seems more prominent. But he has flat out told Congress that he will sign whatever they put in front of him. So they can ignore him as anything other than a cartoon figurehead - a king, if you will - and both parties can focus on the midterms and whatever they can cobble together in their self interests.

I remember people talking of Reagan as managing in a "hands off" style. Trump is taking that to an extreme. He is free to lurch to whatever public appearances he wishes, and otherwise, watch TV and golf as the country runs itself in a half assed manner. He'll take credit for any perceived successes, and deny responsibility for any perceived shortcomings.
Pretty solid analysis right here.