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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
Yes, it's hard to come up with a reasonably objective metric for "getting worse" in this context.

But if he is, it's not surprising. He came from an environment where he was in control of everything, he could get anything he wanted, and anyone who crossed him could be fired, intimidated or bought off. Now he's subject to constant negative comments he can't stem, forced to deal with a Congress he can't fire or order around, surrounded by unreliable and incompetent cronies and family members he can't trust, and the focus of a very serious investigation which could bring him, his businesses and his reputation crashing down that he can't stop. Even a normally self-confident person would crack under those conditions and Trump was incredibly insecure to begin with.

Add to that his questionable physical health and I'd be surprised if he weren't "getting worse", even without any speculation about Alzheimers.
This, exactly.

I don't think he actually wanted to be President, and he certainly didn't understand what would be expected of him if he was, and the microscope he would be under.

He's always been surrounded by underlings who had to keep their mouths shut; now he's dealing with Senators and Representatives who don't have to kowtow to him, and he can't deal with it.