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He is getting worse. He's not capable of doing this job, it requires too much attention and effort to details that he isn't interested in, he's running out of distracting bullshit that can be massaged into relevant discussion by his agents of discord. He's left to nasty tweeting and showing the signs of Captain Queeg syndrome by attacking Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in what would be his only political victory. He is under pressure and failing, his attempts to redefine the argument with chaotic potshots, twists, and turns is no longer working because he has no actual direction, no actual goal.

There's no need to consider the 25th amendment here, impeachment is the solution, he's given sufficient grounds for it already, but we'll have to wait and see if the Republican cowards and traitors in congress will finally take action based on the result of the Mueller investigation, or to see if the Democrat party doesn't shoot itself in the foot it keeps in it's mouth and manages to take over congress, and then hope they have the courage of real principles instead of the safer special interests that wag their tails.