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My bad loan's most recent activities are:
9/10/10 (Friday) Borrower not located (skip trace)
9/10/10 (Friday) Mail service returned pre-collect letter
9/2/10 (Thursday) Collections Agency attempted to contact borrower
8/20/10 (Friday) Engaged external collections agency

So I think it's quite safe to say I'm out the 20.86 s/he still owes. All my others (including the one D class loan) are still current. One of my other initial 3 loans (the skip was the first one) had contacted Lending Club in June to set up a payment plan. The July payment was "completed within grace period"... the August 14 payment was made on time, and there's no 9/14 payment listed. The 10/14 payment says "processing, in payment plan". Not sure what all that is about.

And one other weird one: I had a loan that went a few days late on its first payment (February). When the second payment was due, it was paid in full. Yet I looked at it just now and under Collections History, it says "8/30/10 (Monday) Contacted a 3rd party or borrowers acquaintance".