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Figured I should give an update:

Funding 1
Issued & Current 448
Fully Paid 11
Late 16 - 30 Days 0
Late 31 - 120 Days 4
Default 0
Charged Off 1

Of those 4 late loans, 3 are still paying something, mostly interest. Overall, I guess that's a good thing for me, so long as it keeps up. I strictly do Debt Consols and CC Refis in the A and B classes. I've occasionally funded a C1 loan but anything more than that scares me.

For those just now dropping in on the thread, I caution you: earlier analysis and testimony by account managers says that most people don't defaul in their first year, and I funded most of my loans in June. Therefore, beware false confidence in my numbers. I'm sure that over the next 3 years, more than just these 4 loans will go bad, so 1% is NOT the expected default rate!