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Many vaccine preventable diseases are hugely contagious. For example, measles. It will infect about 90% plus of all people coming into contact with it if they are not vaccinated. Hep b can linger on surfaces for up to a week. The only vaccine-preventable illness that is not contagious is tetanus.

The problem with many vaccine-preventable illnesses is that they are horrible on babies and young children and far more dangerous than in adults. For example, you and I may not enjoy a bout of pertussis but we'll often shrug it off. A baby, OTOH, faces a one in two hundred and fifty risk of death and a one in a hundred risk of brain damage. A small child will run a huge risk of liver cancer from Hep b that an adult will not. A baby who gets measles will run a risk of the fatal complication known as SSPE that again adults do not. This is why delaying is dumb. It doesn't reduce the risk of a vaccine reaction. It does leave babies and young children deliberately vulnerable when they are most at risk.

It is IMO the reason why the anti-vax stance is so cruel. Jenny McCarthy will probably not be at risk from a measles outbreak. The same cannot be said of the same children she allegedly wants to protect.