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I have already had the "honor" of showing up on the Age of Autism. Here one idiot writer can't figure out that I wrote the book with Kolga rather than the esteemed Dr. Offit.


Stacy Mintzer Herlihy, who with multimillionaire vaccine industrialist Dr. Paul Offit co-wrote Your Baby’s Best Shot: Why Vaccines Are Safe and Save Lives,
He wrote the foreword not the book.

I'm also so sick of hearing from people like her that nothing will happen if we don't vaccinate. From a private email exchange with Dr. Offit:

Dear Dr. Offit,

Are children who are susceptible to vaccine reactions also susceptible to serious side effects from vaccine-preventable diseases? That would seem to make sense, right? If you going to get hurt from the MMR, wouldn't you be equally at risk from an actual case of the measles or the mumps?

I am writing a piece for a blog about this premise. Thank you!

-- Stacy Herlihy


Yes. That's right. So, for example, if you are get a mild rash from a varicella vaccine you would presumably be more likely to get a severe rash from natural varicella virus than someone who didn't have a rash following vaccine.
So people who are more vulnerable to vaccine reactions are also more vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases. They need to be doubly sure that the rest of us get vaccinated on their behalf so they don't get even sicker when measles shows up again. Vaccine injury is correlated with injury from vaccine-preventable diseases.