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You guys have heard about the 2 lovely, high bred, uber expensive Siamese cats that allow me to survive and sleep under their roof, right?
I was laying on my bathroom floor (You don't wanna know, why) I looked over and saw a big spider in the space behind the pedestal sink. I jumped up and ran out and looked back in. Oops, left my phone. I tiptoed back in and got it, ran out again. Slammed the door. Took off my shirt and stuffed it under the door. I'm so proud of myself. Everything's under control. I'll just have to schlepp upstairs to pee. I can do that.
Oops, nekkid! I go in the laundry room to get a shirt out of the dryer. Flashback to cats. They love the dryer. They have a bed there. I reach to open the dryer and Bear is out of bed in an instant looking at my hand in midair. I look in his beautiful blue eyes and I see a spark of evil. I move my hand closer, I swear he growled. Little closer and whack! Slap on top of my wrist. No blood. Hands to hips, I give him a stern 'No', he meows a warning back. I move my hand back into view. This time a definite growly hiss. I say 'No' and reach for the door handle, oh shit, forearm strike. There's blood. I grab a towel out of the dryer and sling it over his head, grab an arm load of laundry and run. T-shirt on. Arm bandaided. I'll live this time, to fight another day.
Nice cup of tea would be great. I put the kettle on get mug and teabag ready. I saw movement out the corner of my eye. I look at the bathroom door securely closed, on top is a cat going through the OPENED transom. Gah!!!
Bear is sitting on the ledge just inside the transom. I never was safe from the spider. I have to go in the bathroom to shoo Bear away and shut the transom. I heard a low growly hiss. My arm pains me, and Jesus Pete, the kettle whistles. When I looked back through the exterior door I ran thru I see beautiful blue eyes, sparkling.