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Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
So, How are you feeling Dorothy?
Unjustifiably confident in my abilities to make short crust pies despite never having tried it in my life and being uncertain of whether or not I've ever actually eaten one.

Also... a little weaker every day. PT said today I must use a walker, not a cane (which I had thought was a fair compromise- a little less conspicuous and unwieldy. But apparently we're not actually negotiating here.) and should consider a wheelchair, at least for going out of the house.

I keep formulating this brilliant plan that I'm just going to wake up the next day and just fake it. Just act like I'm totally fine, all better, no worries, and hide all the problems. Then nobody will see and they'll let me assist with surgery again and I'll get stronger and pretty soon I'll be back to living my life. But then, when it comes down to it, I realize the major flaw in this plan is that it would only work if I were not already doing the best I could and trying my hardest to put on a brave face.

My co-workers make fun of me for the cane already. They don't mean anything by it. It's sort of more good-natured ribbing. I get it. I'm just... permanently not in the mood for it. Maybe I should have a better attitude and wrap my walker in rainbow duct tape or attach flames or a bike bell or something and be a plucky optimist with a great sense of humor and an indomitable spirit, but it turns out my spirit is easily domitable and instead I'm just a crabby greyish lump of depression.

But at least I don't have rats. And could definitely make some mad choux pastry if I really put my mind to it. So that's good. I should watch Project Runway next and become a fashion designer. Or Doctor Who and learn to travel through time.