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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Because the idea that the head of the House Judiciary Committee can demand to see anyone's tax returns anytime he/she likes is not as much of an open-and-shut case as Dems would have us believe.
"This is not an issue on which there is any possibility of reasonable disagreement. Any well-informed person who disagrees either that the Ways and Means Committee has an obligation to demand Trumpís tax returns as part of fulfilling its oversight duties or that Trump is legally obliged to turn them over is either a partisan hack or contemptuous of the rule of law."
- Daniel Shaviro, law professor, New York University

The degree to which this is not an open-and-shut case is the degree to which our judiciary is hopelessly compromised to partisan ends. It is perhaps telling that Shodan doesn't actually make an argument as to why this might not be an open-and-shut case. Then again, it's not his job to think up sophistic arguments to defend the indefensible to cover for republicans, so I'll let it slide. (That's Bret Kavanaugh's job.)
"Until their much-needed total political extinction, you can expect the GOP to continue to take corporate money to systemically murder you and everyone you know."
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