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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post

Nor is this the only way in which language routinely infantilizes women. For instance, a particularly attractive woman might be referred to as a "babe", which literally means an infant. The male equivalent, meanwhile, "hunk", literally means a large piece of something, and is not infantile at all.
Hmm, 'babe' is pretty commonly used by women to describe attractive men as well. Commoner than 'hunk' in my personal experience.

We could probably use a new informal term for a woman, but that tends not to be the sort of project that goes well. I know someone who was seethingly furious about a waitress asking him and his wife 'So, what can I get you guys?' because how dare anyone call his wife a guy, not a lady?! Told everyone he knew never to go to that restaurant, complained to the manager, left scathing reviews everywhere, the works.
Yes, he's pretty old.