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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
I know that this was not directed at me, but just working this out legally on the fly, assuming that the mere possession of a fake ID is not illegal (which based upon my 30 second analysis, I believe is correct) there is a crime committed in all of the scenarios above in that the person is attempting to use the fake ID to obtain a benefit: the purchase of alcohol that he or she is not legally permitted to purchase.
The first hit I got when I looked it up was CA penal code 470b PC.
Every person who displays or causes or permits to be displayed or has in his possession any driver's license or identification card with the intent that such driver's license or identification card be used to facilitate the commission of any forgery, is punishable by...
Very quickly reading it over, it appears that simply owning one isn't illegal, but as soon you use it or attempt to use it, it is illegal.
Also, if an officer were ever to catch you with one (ie they pat you down for something unrelated), I can't imagine you won't get charged and it'll be up to you/your attorney to prove that you never used it and had no intent on using it, even though you were carrying it around.