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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
A friend was once searching her 17 year old daughter's bedroom. She found a PA driver's license with her daughter's picture and a date of birth that made her 21. It looked legit.

She kept the DL and later showed it to me. I compared it to my PA DL and couldn't find any reason to think it a forgery. We took it to a bar owned by a friend of mine and showed it to him. He used a black light, a very bright white light, and a magnifying glass; he judged the license to be real.

When confronted, the daughter refused to discuss the situation.
My guess is the DL was real. There most certainly was a piece of fake ID with a false birthdate on it that was used to get the real ID.

When I went to college, as a freshman, somebody was selling blank baptismal certificates. I bought one and filled it out and used that to get an official State of California ID card with the date making me 21.