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Originally Posted by md2000 View Post
"I don't selling you a case of beer, you yell at me. I sell you beer and you are under age, I get charged, fired, criminal record and possible jail or big fine. Decisions, decisions..."
My state allows stores/bars to sue an underager who comes into their establishment and buys/gets served alcohol:

C. A licensed alcohol beverage retailer may bring a civil action against a person who violates the state's underage drinking law, if the following conditions are met:
The conduct must occur on the retailer's premises
The retailer must mail notice of the intent to bring action to the underage person or the underage person's parent, as applicable at least 15 days prior to filing the action
The retailer must not have been convicted of, received a citation for, or been charged with a violation of the underage drinking law
The retailer must have reported the suspect-ed conduct to law enforcement at or near the time when the conduct was first discov-ered
This provision does not apply if the underage per-son was employed by or assisting a law enforcement agency in carrying out enforcement to determine compliance with, or investigating poten-tial violations of the prohibition on underage persons in licensed premises. A retailer prevailing in the civil action shall be awarded $1,000 in dam-ages and the costs of bringing the civil action. (Sec. 125.07(4)(f), Wis. Stats.)