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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
The cite from a lawyer I've provided say otherwise, as does the opinion from the DOJ. Congress is not supposed to investigate crimes, it is supposed to use its powers of investigation for legislative purposes. As a general rule, it is not the business of the legislature whether people are following the laws it makes, that's the business of the executive and judiciary.

Really, there are two things that can happen now. Either the IRS supplies Trump's tax returns, hets sued by Trump, and the Supremes eventually decide whether it was legal, or they don't, and the Supremes eventually decide whether they have to. The best solution for the IRS is to not provide them until the matter is decided, as if they do provide them and it turns out to have been illegal, that can't then be reversed.
The last several decades show that what the congress is doing in entirely normal and well within their duties. Seriously - were you unaware that every recent president had had investigations by congress? None of those investigations were stopped by any court.
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