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Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
So let's see if I'm following:

The zombie chest birds (ZCBs) are inter-dimensional beings that destroy worlds. Alt-Coulson and his team are hunting them from world to world for whatever reason - although probably not with any hope of actually stopping them - arriving just before the world is destroyed. They track them using a device that detects creatures from alternate universes, which is how they reached Zeke. ZCBs come in two types: the regular silent type, like the one who killed Yo-Yo's beau, and a type that can speak, which is what they assumed Zeke was. Alt-Coulson tortures the talkers, either for information or for other reasons.

Alt-Coulson's team consists of individuals he recruited in the various destroyed worlds. He kidnapped May because he wants her to join his team when they move on.

Have I missed anything?
Also, they destroyed the Chronicon's world, so they want to go back in time and stop it.