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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
That's because you haven't seen anybody yet. It hasn't started yet. We're in a fairly unique position in history, where there will be a lot of people who wouldn't have otherwise considered running for president taking a serious look at the brass ring, simply because of the abomination currently sleeping in the WH. There's gonna be a grand buffet of candidates, I reckon, stepping up to the big stage. No one's going to hang back this time because a Hillary-type is there to be crowned.

One reason the Democrats did as well as they did up and down the ballot last week is because there were really good candidates up and down ballot. That means really good people were stepping up to get this done. Do you see any reason to believe that sort of thing will suddenly stop at the presidential level?

Now I'm not saying that the Democrats are a shoe-in in 2020, but there's absolutely no reason to be despondent because you don't currently know who the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee will be.

Resume doesn't matter much any more. Name recognition doesn't matter much right now. What matters is who can capture the public's attention and dollars once this thing starts rolling. You simply can't know who that will be at this stage. So of course you don't see any strong candidate. But you will.
Very well said, 100%.