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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I get that, but I can be okay with someone who voted for Trump as a way of protesting the system and protesting the Democratic party. Someone who votes for Trump now? No way, but someone who voted for Trump (and against Hillary) in 2016 and thought 'Let's see what happens?'...I obviously disagree with it, but it's a forgivable sin. And I don't think Ojeda was voting to protect coal as much as he was voting to bring attention to the plight of his community. West Virginia is potentially a very good case study on how to bring rural whites back into the Democratic party, and if Dems are going to really succeed at all levels, they need to win over some of those voters. I think Ojeda can win over urban and suburban voters with his message and his grit. I'm not necessarily saying he's my top choice, and I won't really know how I feel about him until he starts up his campaign.
I have a sneaky suspicion you look at his wiki picture and envision him as the military strongman of your dreams. There is no way in hell this guy is winning the primary.
Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
And I'll have to ask for your dictionary definition of "long." Because his only other exposure to a national audience that drew praise was a mere two years prior, when he was a state senator, at the DNC. Once he actually hit the Senate, he wasn't wowing anyone on a national stage. It's not like he had years of inspiration and leadership under his belt here.
Definitely some retconning going on with that list.