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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
I think we can break it down to a more simple version.
The Elite are those who think they know better than the "others". How Republicans use the term is very simply the "liberal elite" that think they know better what to do with 'your money, your taxes, and your wealth'.
So, conservatives who want to take my money to pay for the military are members of the Liberal Elite also? Or does it only apply to things you don't like, like providing food and health care to the poor?

While you don't hear much run of the Elite being wrong about Global Warming, you might hear of them being wrong about how to best go about fixing it.
Pretty much all policies positions that have subjective terminology can be. It isn't that the underlying facts are wrong , it is only when trying to determine the best approach to fixing it that takes some of those liberal elite off rail, and go so far as to say "we know better than you" so just trust us.
Really? You haven't heard Fearless Leader refer to global warming as a hoax?
There is hardly a single liberal position on the best way to reduce the problem, only that there is one. A debate about how to fix it starting with a shared that climate change is happening and that we are responsible for much of it would help. That wouldn't involve withdrawing from treaties.