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Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
Did you actually read the OP?

The real question, as alluded by the OP, is why are conservatives, who demonstrably are every bit as elitist as liberals, so disproportionately obsessed with the idea of liberal elitism (to the point of writing entire books about it, and insisting this thread is about the perfect definition of liberal elitism).
I do very much agree this is the actual underlying question of the OP, though. Those bringing up conservative elites are not distracting from the topic.

Sure, getting the definition of "liberal elite" is also important. As is understanding the underlying mindset. But the OP is definitely also about why conservatives only seem to care about the liberal elite, when the conservative elite seem to be more numerous and more influential on policy.

It would be very nice if we could decouple elitism and liberalism in the minds of voters. Those of us in rural America should embrace a lot of liberal ideas, since they actually are trying to help. I myself am liberal in part because of my rural status, and my belief that nothing in conservative policy actually seems to be a solution to rural problems.