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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
why conservatives only seem to care about the liberal elite, when the conservative elite seem to be more numerous and more influential on policy.
I think it's just partisanship at work. People tend to be far more forgiving of flaws of someone that they perceive to be on the same side or team as they are on, than someone from the opposing side.

Another reason might be that conservative elites may be rich or powerful, yes, but they are perceived to have done so openly and in a non-contradictory way (i.e. "that conservative may be a fat-cat CEO, but hey, that's capitalism") whereas liberal elites who criticize income inequality, yet are millionaires or billionaires themselves, are perceived as hypocrites. It's the reason Bernie Sanders gets slammed for owning 3 houses and being a millionaire (which, actually, by presidential-candidate standards, is pretty modest,) but few if any conservatives have a problem with a rich Republican - "he never pretended to be anything other than who he was."