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Who is using THC for pain management?

Hope this doesn’t get locked. I’m aware that I am soliciting Opinion, not medical advice.

Who here is successfully using THC products to manage pain? At this point I’m living 24/7 with lower spine pain, hip pain and stunningly strong and deep left knee pain.

The causes are known and cannot be treated. One is an old fracture. One is permanent damage from a hip replacement. And the knee is severe arthritis.

OTC meds are just useless. They barely touch it. Can’t sleep, affecting work, etc. After 3+ years of chronic pain, I’m trying to set my abiding dislike of all things pot aside and do some research.

Why not start here at SDMB?

I’ve tons of specific questions, but before I dive in with them, are members willing to share stories of success or failure using THC for pain management?

A few requests: No preaching for/ against the wonders of grass. No preaching for universal legalization. No slamming users of THC.

I badly need some real info from people living this situation.

Thanks in advance,

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