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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post

Not sure about using that example, I would have thought that getting a bullet to his head would have been an excessive punishment. But more seriously, I only point at that as an explanation why in part is that he is elevated, if Kennedy had survived I would expect rape allegations to have been more prominently mentioned.

Of course also being very capable and helping avoid a nuclear holocaust and thus allowing me and you to post on the internet now is also something to take into account.

BTW, just try to see a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis and picture the current rapist/moron in power in the place of Kennedy back then, I do think that you will not sleep soundly at night...
While I dont disagree with your post, and agree that Kennedy did a good job managing the crisis, Khrushchev was bluffing and both the Americans and Soviets blundered badly by letting things get so far. The fact that a lone Soviet nuclear sub commander came the closest to starting a nuclear war says it all. How US intelligence agencies let 40K battle hardened Soviet soldiers enter Cuba without being detected was a massive intelligence failure. That Kennedy didnt have a good working relationship with Khrushchev was another blunder that brought both countries to the brink of war.